A city in which retail is human, responsive, agile and innovative.

The Smart Retail City is one which possesses in-depth understanding of high-street retail, customers and new trends. It supports cooperation between local stakeholders, in order to boost the retail sector and steer it towards excellence.

The revolution of the retail sector (technological development, changing consumption habits, regional dynamics, etc.) does not spell the disappearance of the shop, but its transformation.

In order to survive and develop, high-street retail must strive for excellence, giving itself a lasting competitive edge. It must reinvent itself to meet the needs of the city and its users, strengthen its capacity to generate innovation, and devise a long term development strategy.

Our innovation process


Our approach relies on citizen participation in designing and developing original solutions at every stage of the innovation process.

Launched by hub.brussels, the Brussels Business Support Agency, Smart Retail City Lab is a user-focused research and innovation project. Its main objective is to put Brussels Capital on track to becoming a Smart Retail City.

We have therefore created a four-phase project design cycle, which helps users to express their needs in terms of the development of innovative products and services.

The lab is jointly financed by the Brussels-Capital Region and the European Union ERDF programme for 2015-2020, and has been certified by the ENoLL network since 2017.

Stakeholders in your city, share in the experience of creating tomorrow’s high-street retail sector.
This platform is aimed at all stakeholders in the city: the general public, shopkeepers, members of public bodies, design professionals, retail experts, customers, researchers, students; anyone who has a direct or indirect interest in the development of high-street retail.