What shop in here ?

A fun and in situ method to solicit the opinion of consumers in a district on their desire for a commercial location. A simple exercise consisting of placing a sticker that can be written on the windows of vacant stores on a street.

Innovation phase


Activity type

  • Idea generation


2 weeks in situ



Level of involvement



General public, users and consumers in a neighbourhood


Operational team

A graphic designer, a printer/applicator, a manager for collecting ideas


On the windows of vacant stores in a neighbourhood

Materials required

Sticker, indelible markers


Direct conversation with the consumer

Important points

Do not leave the sticker too long at the risk of it being vandalized.


  • Contact the operational team for the organization of the mission.

  • Look for empty premises and contact the owners for authorization to display on a window


Mesurer les vitrines sélectionnées

Measure the selected windows

The display cases must be measured to adapt the sticker to the correct format.

Layout the sticker

Depending on the number of windows

The sticker must contain the following information: contact organization + question ("Write on the sticker the stores you want to see located here...... We will do the rest!") + Thank you + quick project brief

Print and apply the sticker with the felt and a fastening system

Take regular photos of the sticker in situ

Transmission of results

  • Collecting and analysing the results: list all types of stores suggested by customers
  • Compilation in a research folder
  • (Write and publish a story on the subject)

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