All profilers – Miroir

09/06/2017 - JETTE, PLACE MIROIR
All profilers

As part of the programme for the positioning of TID shopping districts, Atrium Brussels has collected extensive quantitative data on the districts. In order to supplement this analytical work and reveal the identity of the district, we brought together a group of participants including Local Council representatives, residents, business owners, members of traders associations and district experts.

The question was clear: How do you perceive your shopping district?

After sharing an informal lunch, the workshop began. History, business development, clientele and future challenges were just some of the issues tackled in order to capture the essence of the district, its feelings and its experience.

Individual exercises and group brainstorming sessions gave participants the opportunity to offer their opinion on its character and strengths, as well as its limitations and potential, or ideas for future projects.

Rich discussions and diverse points of view: the people of a district are part of its identity.

An encounter between various local stakeholders: the commitment of some contributes to the success of others.

A detailed list of key words for the district, providing a springboard for a major study of the district’s identity.

“It was good to discuss things face to face with certain members of the local business community. My opinion as a local resident and consumer was enhanced by their experience. ”

Joëlle Resident of the Place du Miroir district