Neighbourhood under construction, enchanted neighbourhood

- Vanderkindere area
In Vanderkindere, wanted to alleviate the difficulties and inconveniences faced by merchants during the road works. By taking a staggered action, the Agency wanted to show Uccleese customers that their merchants remained accessible and determined to satisfy them. has developed a shopping promenade around the construction site area, thus guaranteeing accessibility. The Agency used the graphic studio IndexPouce to humorously promote the various businesses in the neighbourhood.

The surroundings of Vanderkindere Square now look like a treasure island: on the empty windows, a map shows the various shops in the district. On the ground, playful and colourful markings invite children to a giant hopscotch. In front of the shops, resolutely optimistic slogans, "In the rubble, you don't bother! ». And in the air, a delightfully good-natured atmosphere.

After analysing it, proposed a playful approach to the shopping district. This kind of initiative should be done permanently in the neighbourhood... Despite the work, the neighbourhood is more lively, more colourful. It's a great boost! 

Guillaume Vanhamme Owner, Bureau Vanhamme