A sensitive map of the European Quarter

12/07/2019 - European Quarter
Assert the identity of retail districts

While the TID (Think - Innovate - Develop) programme is continuing in the European Quarter, we have decided to test a new tool: a sensitive map of the territory, made by and with users.

Did you say "subjective map"? Yes, and we will collect qualitative, ultra-precise, humane and sensitive data on the needs, frustrations and desires of local actors. This data will be placed on a map of the neighbourhood. And the map will be drawn. An idea of the neighbourhood felt in a way.

And why make this tool? To inspire others, to suggest ideas. To finally get the people who make the territory talking.

It is therefore with these interviews, felt pens in hand and motivation in mind, that Soraya meets its first participant. The way it works is established: a meeting between four eyes, a blank background map, a series of questions on trade, public space, community, markers and stickers. Soraya will meet 8 of them. Local residents, institutional workers, trendy young people and busy mothers.

A flow of information, and a host of ideas, she comes back richer from each meeting. And she draws. First the cartridge to organize his work, give it a meaning and then the shapes, the people the colors. Soraya has fun and transcribes people's words into images.

  • A new energy, motivating encounters and a human approach, more than ever
  • Anecdotes, bits of life, dreams
  • A colourful, graphic and illustrated sensitive map
  • A visual tool that allows users to remember the territory and its characteristics at a glance