The voice of the European Quarter

03/10/2019 - European Quarter
Assert the identity of retail districts

It was necessary to be able to sound out people's opinions. We wanted to see with their eyes the European Quarter.

How about a video sidewalk? Passersby, shopkeepers and workers are interviewed in the streets of the neighbourhood to find out their aspirations, opinions and dreams for the future.

All you had to do was ask them!

The "We Tell Stories" team walks the streets with a camera and microphone. They ask people what they think about the commercial offer, about their customer experience in the neighbourhood. Their opinions on the urban environment and local life are also surveyed. The most important thing is that everyone can express themselves freely!

The very mixed sample of interviewees reveals several opinions and visions of the neighbourhood. These are edited in a video that is broadcast to inspire a group of users at a future idea generation workshop.

The video also highlights the neighbourhood: we discover people's habits, the places they have enjoyed, and also the things they would like to see changed. Neighbourhood stakeholders have a better understanding of the daily reality of users.

The production of this video allowed us to get to know the area where our offices are located better. Meeting people on the street is very interesting! The enthusiasm of the interviewees is pleasing and makes you want to make a great video.

Joan Roel General Manager, We Tell Stories