This is a method for creating convergence, enabling us to establish a strategic, operational position in response to an issue. It helps us pinpoint the challenges faced in the long term and set medium-term operational targets.

Innovation phase


Activity type

  • Convergence





Level of involvement

cocreator, userinnovator,


10 to 20


Users with good knowledge of the topic in question.

Operational team

1 leader, 1 secretary


A meeting room with tables and chairs

Materials required

Felt-tips, flipchart, Post-it notes,


Enables us to establish a shared vision with regards to the topic in question

Important points


  • Prepare event materials
  • Invite participants
  • Send participants the research file and SWOT worksheet prior to the workshop



5 min

The facilitator explains the context, the aims of the workshop and its rules:

The state of play

30 min

Participants are invited to share their experiences and thoughts on the topic

  • Each participant introduces him/herself and briefly explains their connection to the topic in question
  • The facilitator outlines the major points of the research file sent to participants in advance.
  • The facilitator asks participants their opinion on the research file, posing the question: If you were to take on board just one thing from the research file, what would it be?
  • The participants answer in turn


45 min

Based on the research file prepared in advance by the organising team, participants are invited to complete the SWOT together (see ‘SWOT’ worksheet). This objective diagnosis enables us to categorise the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on three levels: to users, to business and to the urban environment

  • Participants write the keywords that arose while reading the research file on Post-it notes (1 word per Post-it)
  • The facilitator collects the keywords and positions them on the SWOT chart one by one with the help of the participants
  • The facilitator initiates a conversation, aiming to bring together opinions on the topics discussed.


30 min

Participants are invited to share their dreams for the topic. The aim of this exercise is to determine the long term ambition for people affected by the topic in question (human), the area (urban), retail development (business)

  • The facilitator distributes the 'Ambition' worksheet to all participants.
  • Each participant completes the document individually.
  • In turn, the participants present their dreams


1 h

Participants are invited to put forward specific recommendations, in response to the ambitions for the topic. Through this exercise, we aim to set achievable short and medium term targets.

  • Armed with their ‘ambitions’ worksheet, participants are split into two groups
  • The groups propose specific operational targets for each ambition
  • Each group presents their operational targets
  • The facilitator leads a discussion, aiming to bring together a shared vision.


5 min

The leader thanks the group and explains the next stages.

Transmission of results

  • Send the workshop report to participants for feedback and approval
  • Send a satisfaction questionnaire to the participants
  • Produce and publish an article about the workshop